Surplus Food Donation in the Washington DC Region

Why Donate?
Your business’s food donation can help feed hungry people in our region, reduce waste and greenhouse gases, and increase employee satisfaction.
Read more about why to donate your surplus food.

Find a Food Rescue Organization
Food banks and soup kitchens all over the Metropolitan Washington region can take your usable food. Many can even pick it up!
Find a food rescue organization

How to Donate
Identify what food you have to donate, examine it to for edibility, and contact a food rescue agency to arrange a pick-up or drop-off.
Read more about how to safely donate food

What Can I donate?
Most perishable or non-perishable foods that have been prepared but not served or sold can be donated.
Read examples of foods that can be donated.

Am I protected from liability?
Yes! Every donor is protected from liability by the Bill Emerson Food Donation Act.
Read more about Good Samaritan Laws.

Who can help me set up food donation?
The food rescue organizations can advise you on how to donate food safely and arrange donation details. The organization Food Donation Connection will coordinate all aspects of your food donation program, including all the paperwork for tax deductions.
Find a Food Rescue Organization. Food Donation Connection